Poems ft. Ebola-Chan ♡

i really love Ebola-Chan and i want to tell everyone! ♡

Solar Sisters

"the light is yellow
the sky is purple
the rainbow glows
the thunder chirping
in rural city
there grow the platana
their green is weaving
the stoplights red is calling
into my mind
memories not from this life
of reds, and oranges, and yellows, and purples
checkered dresses, third eyes, long hair, katanas clanging as were surging
remainder solar charge from holographic skies
ran out by dawn in bridal style"

just look at her she's so cute >w<

Untitled 0

"i wander my block at three point three
as i pass the windows there i see
my neighbor left his window open
i hear him snoring loud and deep

hes not on his pc right now
and so just to be sure hes counting sheep
i smash his teeth in with a brick
oh look i made a hole for my dick

i think his gums would give good sloppy
and after cumming multiple times inside of his hairy bussy
i decide its time to play minecraft hardcore
and leave the apartment with my new computer"

Angel Made A Thud

this poem is important to me but the way i wrote it was so messy, it's currently in edit


"planet of metal, trees and screeching
fourdimensional gravitational pull
waterfalls to be forever reaching
void enough to shake my soul
you're not even physical
too far away to possibly reach it
the thought alone should be enough
it sends shrapnels through my spirit"

Fever Dream

"my vision through the dense fog
makes life look like a children's book
it's hard to take a single step
as if the air was spiderwebs"

Untitled 1

"i'll make you feel safe
tune into my voice
melody by heart
can be heard in the void

your eyes glow
behind them i see
someone that is
spirited like me

i don't want to lose
i don't want to lie
will we really meet
at the end of our lives"

Untitled 3

"houses, lifes, human mind
the ecosystem spawns to rise
moronic, cruel, parasites
idle, ghouls, lobotomized

true self neglected
neither intimate nor personal
personality rejected
the meme is institutional

uninspired buildings
every stone placed is abuse
temporary cities
pray that they will drop the nuke"


"it's raw
it's free
it's life
no rules or safety guides

accept the immense horror
you will only know to fight
peaceful days are over
objective survive

some instinctively evade it
they would rather go blind
it doesn't go away
no need to close your eyes"

Intervented Self Sacrifice

"holo sparkles burn an angels bright
the embodyment of change and sacrifice
offering up anything for the goal in mind
even so it couldn't harm a single fly"

Untitled 2

"your eyes glow
through your pfp
the world was gray
connected through pc

everything about you is
who i strive to be
not to be a copy
you've shown me empathy

thought out and reflective
weight in every word
i'm happy to have met you
i hum into the void"

Nothing Feels Right

"please tell me i'm real
i need you to tell me
please help me to feel
i need you to help me"


"my breath ventured out
into what was mostly empty
and the world was stripped
of all it's fun conspiracy

fading from the white
mirror tilted to lozenge
looking at my eyes
as if i was stargazed

everything aligned
into an empty slate
laughing and crying
hid a crumbling shell"

The Moon

i want to write a poem about the moon
i just haven't gotten around to it yet >~<

Untitled 4

"gacha tamagotchi demons
spread fairy tales through binary
hypnagogic checkered patterns
intuitive geometry

awoken in the dark of night
the shadow realm is filled with life
too beautiful to creep me out
play space invaders on my walls"



"i've got fears and angers bottled up inside

when repressed emotions surface they wash up at the same time

the ills collected shards and hid fragments of my mind

dive at yer own risk as my feelings have been iced"


"she bought us double popsicle
and off the beach we go
a plane flew through the great blue sky
what is this awful noise"

"those are just the wind turbines
don't mind the sirens howl
let's split our double popsicle
since it is getting cold"

jelly fish

"where the ills have left a hole
i need a fake heart to make me whole

innocuous and holographic
oh were i just pixels and sharp plastics

just to be a love machine
of silicone and r g b

with bioluminescency
like creatures at the bed of a sea"

red velvet

"deep inside my spirit rebels
plucks dead skins like roses petals

to find out loves me loves me not
hear hissing beneath my facade

i'm troubled with helping myself
our Scarlett acts so competent"